Local Care Direct
1st April 2021
Local Care Direct, Skipton General Hospital, Keighley Road, Skipton, BD23 2RJ
Job Type
Job Reference
Out of Hours
Job Location
Bradford & District
£9.11 in hours, £9.32 out of hours
Working pattern
Weekend Shifts Available



Local Care Direct

The closing date is 12 April 2021

Job overview

Local Care Direct delivers a range of primary and urgent healthcare services across West Yorkshire. We have a part time vacancy available for a Driver in the Craven area. If you are interested in working in our friendly, flexible organisation then please apply now.

Salary: £9.11 in hours, £9.32 out of hours

Location: Local Care Direct, Skipton General Hospital, Keighley Road, Skipton, BD23 2RJ

Shifts Available (Working across a 4 week rolling rota):

Sunday weekly 08.00-12.59

Sunday weekly 13.00-17.59

Saturday weeks 2&4 08.00-12.59

Saturday weeks 2&4 13.00-17.59


Main duties of the job

All Drivers are responsible to the Out of Hours or Duty Team Manager for driving the Duty Doctor to home visits and to other premises, and for patient transport when needed.

You will be required to drive the Duty Doctor to patient homes within Bradford/West Yorkshire area. You will support the Duty Doctor with administrative tasks and the control of drugs to enable them to perform their duties satisfactorily.

You will need a driving licence with no more than 3 points, extensive experience of driving in cities and motorways, both day and night time, together with customer service skills to enable you to work in partnership with the Duty Doctor and colleagues to provide the best standard of care to our patients.


About us

Nothing matters to us more than people - The way we treat our patients and the people who work for us; the way we do things and our commitment to keep our promises are what we value most.

We do what we say we will do and we do it well - Local Care Direct is a Social Enterprise organisation providing a wide range of healthcare services in Yorkshire. We are a community owned organisation, independent from the NHS and committed to putting patients first.

A few Benefits of working for Local Care Direct are:

NHS Pensions Scheme

Comprehensive Staff Training programme

Opportunity to pick up additional shifts

Regular salary reviews

Free Flu Jab

Staff Awards

Dedicated friendly teams

If you are interested in this vacancy we would love to hear from you! Apply now via NHS Jobs or if you require any further information please contact us.


Job description

Job responsibilities


Job Title: Driver

Reports to:Area Manager

Location:Craven starting base

Shift Available (working on a 4 week rolling rota):

Sunday weekly 08.00-12.59

Sunday weekly 13.00-17.59

Saturday weeks 2&4 08.00-12.59

Saturday weeks 2&4 13.00-17.59

Job Summary:All Drivers are responsible to the Area Manager for driving the Duty Doctor to home visits and other premises and for patient transport when needed.

Principle Responsibilities:

1. Drive the Duty Doctor to home visits and other premises as directed by the Duty Controller/Team Manager.

2. Drive the vehicle in a controlled and calm manner, observing local speed limits and prevailing road conditions.

3. Collect patients from their home address and transport to their appointment, or from appointment to their home address.

4. Ensure that all procedures around the checking and safe keeping of drugs are adhered to.

5. Ensure that the protocols around the booking in and out and usage of controlled drugs are adhered to at all times.

6. Maintain Pharmaceutical records as required by the company

7. Assist the Duty Doctor in any tasks he/she believes to be appropriate to your capability.

8. Ensure that the Duty Doctor has all the information and available equipment to fulfil his/her role.

9. Ensure patient confidentiality is adhered to at all times.

10. Ensure rota details are checked prior to duty so that you and the clinician are ready for the start of the shift.

11. Inform the Contact Centre if not ready for start of shift and enter details on the handover report.

12. Maintaining the cleanliness of your Local Care Direct vehicle.

13. Maintaining vehicle records as required by the company.

14. Ensuring the safety and good working order of their allotted Local Care Direct vehicle and reporting any faults on an LCD Vehicle check list.

15. Ensuring that the workplace is safe and that any potential hazards/problems are reported via a significant event form.

16. Assist with the implementation of any new measures deemed necessary by the management or LCDs Executive.

17. Make the Area Manager / Duty Team Manager aware of any operational issues as they arise that may impact operational service delivery in real time if urgent or via base Handover form if non-urgent.

18. Reporting any faults on SystmOne which includes connectivity for the laptop, to the Contact Centre Controllers and via Handover Report form at base location AND Significant event form if appropriate.

19. Ensure that there is sufficient stationery, pharmaceuticals or injectables in the vehicles or PCCs. Report any issues to the Area Manager via a significant event form.

20. Working to Standard Operating Procedures at all times and in particular the Driver SOP.

21. Working flexibly such as working at another location or different role to support the business needs on occasions i.e. mobile driver could be asked to cover a Patient Transport Service or Receptionist shift subject to them having received the appropriate training.

22. Maintain a valid smartcard and adhere to information governance rules surround such.

23. Maintain and use own NHS/LCD email account for purpose of receiving communications and updates.

24. Learn and understand National Quality Requirements specific to driving role and work with Management to achieve them.

25. Be aware of and understand vehicle tracking system.

26. Have an awareness of CQC and its purpose and support the Organisations continued registration in doing so.

27. Support collection of Patient Satisfaction data when requested to do so.

28. Ensure regular contact with the Contact Centre at start, finish and during session.

Health, Safety & Security

  • To report any accidents, complaints, defects in equipment, near misses and untoward incidents, following company procedures.
  • Ensure compliance with Health and Safety at Work regulations.
  • Ensure Health and Safety legislation and company policy is complied with at all times, including COSHH, Workplace Risk Assessment, manual handling and Control of Infection.
  • Ensure compliance with Infection, Prevention and Control guidelines.


  • Ensure all information relating to patients and staff is managed in accordance with company policy at all times.
  • Ensure maintenance of working Smartcard and adhere to Information Governance guidance of such.


  • Attend all mandatory training sessions and support local and company-wide learning and development activities. Maintain own training record at all times.
  • Actively participate in the performance review process. Performance against clear standards, responsibilities and objectives will be formally assessed through regular 121s with your line manager and an annual Performance & Development Review.

Infection Prevention and Control

  • Healthcare workers have a duty of care to patients and are expected to comply fully with the companies Infection Prevention and Control (IP&C) policies and attend/complete 2 yearly IP&C training, for personal and patient safety and for prevention of healthcare-associated infection (HCAI). Knowledge, skills and behaviour in the workplace should reflect this.


  • Individuals have a duty of care to children and vulnerable adults that they come into contact with whilst at work to safeguard and promote their welfare and to work to prevent, detect and report neglect and abuse, adhering to the companys Safeguarding Children and Safeguarding Vulnerable Adults policies and procedures.


  • Act as ambassador for LCD at all times. Communicate effectively with patients, colleagues, Doctors, Nurses, Managers, Ambulance Control staff and other Health Care Professionals.


Person Specification

Personal attributes


  • Ability to attend work regularly out of hours.
  • Flexible, willing to work in areas other than main base and adaptable to change.
  • Evidence of ability to work alone and also as part of a team.


  • Example of ability to stay calm under pressure.



  • Fluent in English language.
  • Good geographical knowledge of West Yorkshire.


  • Knowledge of Safeguarding.
  • Knowledge of conflict resolution strategies.
  • Knowledge of Local Care Direct services.



  • Evidence of ability to understand the need for, and to follow, systems and procedures.
  • Basic computer skills.


  • Health and safety principles.
  • Example of good communication skills verbal and written.
  • Example of good customer service skills.



  • Extensive (5 years plus) driving experience in a manual vehicle.
  • Frequent motorway and city driving experience.


  • Previous employment experience working in a 24/7 environment.
  • Previous experience working in an environment where safeguarding is important.
  • Previous experience of dealing with confidential information & record keeping.



  • Driving licence with 3 points or less.


  • Clean driving license.
  • Advanced Driving Qualification.