Supporting patients to manage their chronic conditions at home

Supporting patients to manage their chronic conditions at home

Bradford Telecoaching

Bradford Telecoaching was a pioneering new service designed by Turning Point and Local Care Direct, commissioned by Bradford City CCG and Bradford Districts CCG. The service was designed to be suitable for any patient with:

The service offered ‘Self-Management Coaches’ who were trained to assess and deliver the kind of support patients need to help them to understand the impact of their conditions on their life; develop their coping skills to wellbeing; develop their confidence as well as a sense of control and quality of life. Patients were given the tools to be better equipped, to manage well between appointments and were supported by their health care team to become an active partner in designing and managing their care; decreasing their need for unplanned interventions.

The service worked on a shared care basis with referring GPs, who received individual patient summary reports and regular updates on the development and performance of the service.

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Here is a copy of the Patient Leaflet we used Patient Leaflet

Here is a copy of the Referrer Leaflet we used Referrer Leaflet that

This service finished in 2014.