General practice is at the heart of healthcare and plays a vital role in the interface between hospital, community and social care. Managing the coordination of care across these services is why many of us as doctors chose to specialise in General Practice; as coordinating collaborative and cohesive care is widely recognised as the most vital component in optimising a patient’s quality of life. Local Care Direct have cultivated a service which allows us as doctors to succeed in delivering acute, urgent care to optimum standards. We are able to navigate the tricky interface between an increasingly fragmented healthcare service due to full understanding and access to the scope of healthcare services available to deliver a  tailored approach in the best interest of each individual patient. This is hugely rewarding as a General Practitioner and as such is an encouraging, motivating and inspiring environment to work. I have been working for Local Care Direct since I qualified as a GP and feel this is because staff work well together making the environment an enjoyable place to work.

Dr Dennis R Jesuthasan MBChB (2006-Leeds) MRCGP (2012)