We’re thrilled to be named a finalist for our “Covid Oximetry at Home” in the UK Social Enterprise Awards, which recognise businesses that are transforming society.

Local Care Direct’s vision is to work together with our partners in Urgent and Emergency Care to make high-quality services that are easy to access and understand, to ensure everyone receives the right advice, care and support in the right place, first time and as close to home as possible. In line with this, we delivered 12 new services for patients and the NHS during 2020-21, many of which responded to Covid-19.

We’re delighted that one of these new services, “Covid Oximetry at Home”, has been shortlisted for the “Tech for good” category at the 2021 UK Social Enterprise Awards. We’ve had amazing patient feedback, which demonstrates the value of this service to both the patient and the NHS. 98% of patients who provided feedback told us that they felt reassured having access to this service and would recommend it, with many of them sharing fantastic comments like the ones below:

“This is an excellent service and all the staff not only monitored and gave advice but imparted a feeling of positivity and were very caring especially as I was being ill my mum died and I couldn’t attend the funeral. I’d like to thank them for helping me get through a particularly difficult time.”

“If I hadn’t been using the oximeter I would have had no knowledge of how bad my saturation levels. I was in hospital for 10 days with Covid pneumonia purely due to oxymeter.”

“If it wasn’t for the service I wouldn’t be here today… I can’t thank you enough”

Commenting on being shortlisted Helen Carr, our Chief Executive Officer said:

“It’s wonderful that we’ve been shortlisted for this award and that our colleagues are receiving this recognition. They have put in a huge amount of work and effort to maintain safe and reliable patient care during an incredibly challenging period. Through their resilience and commitment, they have delivered amazing services for the people in our local communities. I’m so proud of our colleagues.”

We’re looking forward to joining other shortlisted organisations at the prestigious awards ceremony held at London’s iconic Guildhall on 8 December.